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"Systems Survey Maestro may well be the single most important tool for any practitioner wanting to add nutritional support to his or her services. George Greene has done a masterful job of both simplifying and enhancing what was already the premier nutritional software tool. Please, just do it! Put this tool to work in your office today, you will not regret it."

Michael Dobbins, D.C.  International Speaker for Standard Process
Alameda, CA

"Having used and experimented with various computerized Systems Survey programs, Systems Survey Maestro is the best I have come across in over twenty years of practice.
The easy to use format and the cross correlation with each symptom to various groups, makes this more than just your typical symptom-to-product approach.
With great patient printouts and the fact that the doctor can add additional products to an already great printout, one can create individual protocols to best meet the needs of any patient.
A great program for not only an established practitioner, but those who are in the beginning stages of bringing nutrition into their patients care. "

Bruce Bond, D.C.  National Speaker for Standard Process
Mayfield Village, OH

"In reviewing the software before purchase, any call or e-mail sent to Mr. Greene was immediately and courteously answered. It is reassuring to know they are right there for their clients and can be depended upon to respond quickly. "

Kenneth L. Schramm, D.C., P.A.
Blanco, TX

"Yes - just entered a patient and I loved the reports and supplement recommendation. This will make my practice more fun – will free up my time considerably.  An assistant can generate these reports! "

Jeanne Winner, C.N.C.
Gainesville, GA


Robert Wolff, D.C.
Vernon, TX

"Thank you for the latest update. You go above and beyond on customer service.
I also appreciate you talking to Robin at our office. You showed me how to change the bottle selection at the seminar. By the time we returned home I couldn’t remember how to do it. We love the Maestro Program!"

Jill Brown Trull, D.C.
Kannapolis, NC

"My patients LOVE having something tangible, informative and so efficient to take home. It seems to give them a starting place and accountability factor in getting back on track. Thank you!"

Dr. Teresa Jenkins, DCH
Columbia, SC

"Great Program!"

Jay R. Robbins, D.C.  National Speaker for Standard Process
Covina, CA

"This has been a great starting point into the nutrition realm. I advise anyone remotely interested in nutrition to start with this software. It’s so simple."

Ronny A. Nixon, D.C.
Lytle, TX

"Incredible – your reports are so user friendly, My patients read them and use the products. They also reorder without my prompting and ask to do another questionnaire at 2 months. It’s amazing! I’ve increased my income, also, which always helps!"

Debra Gaffney AP
DeLand, FL

"Systems Survey Maestro is simple and time efficient to use. It allows for easy clinician latitude insetting up protocols with your patient. The patient and clinician reports are detailed but concise."

Wes Williams, D.C.
Lake Isabella, CA

"The software is great. It really helps me double check what I am doing."

Scott S. Dooley, D.C.
High Point, NC

"We have found it to be very beneficial and accurate in conjunction with Applied Kinesiology."

James E. Medak, D.C.
Roseburg, OR

"Great - love the software!"

Kevin Miller, D.C.
Odessa, TX

"Maestro solves a big piece of the practitioners’ puzzle by providing a tool for which the practitioner can count on - taking a patient’s symptoms and begin a process of assessing the nutrients the patient’s most deficient. The beautiful educational reports it provides to the patient (that the patient can take home) eliminates hours of preparation by the professional health care provider. You are doing good. Keep it up!"

Llolyn Pobran, D.C.
Coeur D'Alene, ID

"I love it!!!"

Tammy Fish, BSHN
Temecula, CA

"All of my clients have been excited. The survey is easy to use and gives them a comprehensive outline of their systems functioning."

Glenda Marie Rock III
Moscow, ID

"Very user friendly, excellent feedback for client, helps me explain to them the problems better."

Judy O'Neill
Fayetteville, NY

"The Systems Survey Maestro is simple yet thorough. What a great clinical as well as educational tool to help patients understand the true meaning of health."

Marc J. Fondino, D.C.
Davidson, NC

"I have used the demo quite extensively and feel that the software will become an asset to my practice."

Robert J. Hutchinson
North Syracuse, NY

"It is very helpful and saves time having the invoices and shipping labels printed with the order form. Thanks!  A quality product!"

Aristotle Economou, D.C.
Auburn, CA

"I love that you have a feature showing cost per day, per week, etc."

Helen K. Cox
Peoria Heights, IL

"You have done a wonderful job with Maestro. I will be renewing the maintenance next month."

Daniel T. Wise, D.C.
Phoenix, MD

"This is a great program!  It’s very easy to use and understand!"

Ben J. Savoie, DC
Larose, LA

"Very pleased!!  My patients are feeling better and the reception from almost all is very positive!"

Maurice C. Hothem, D.O., P.A.
Portland, ME

"Systems Survey Maestro has been very helpful in suggesting supplements.  I also appreciate and find it refreshing that you continue to update the program without charging additional fees. Thank you!"

Claudia G. Daude, D.C.
Shelby Township, MI

"Very positive!  It has become our initial screening tool."

Rey Ximenes, M.D.
Austin, TX

For more information on using Systems Survey Maestro in your clinical practice,
please contact your Standard Process representative.

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