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Understanding and Using Systems Survey Maestro

There are many ways to look at the body and assess its function and need for supplementation, the Systems Survey Maestro software being the best of them. Better called the Systems Survey, Systems Survey Maestro accurately analyzes individual patient symptom information and translates that information into an understanding of the underlying systems (such as liver, sugar handling, digestive, etc.) that need nutritional support to bring the body back into a state of balance and wellbeing. Once we feed the body what it needs, the body has the tools do what it does best; heal and repair itself.

The mind set that we want to treat conditions and chase symptoms is not our approach in using Systems Survey Maestro. Treating conditions and chasing symptoms are jobs best left to the medical profession. We don’t want to ever imply that we are treating a condition. We work with patients who have a specific condition and we work with patients who don’t have a specific condition. What we do is we feed and nourish the body and its systems and let the body and its innate intelligence do its job once it has the necessary tools, namely nutrients.

The most successful practices around the country use Systems Survey Maestro. For those practices getting started with Systems Survey Maestro, it is recommended to include the Systems Survey questionnaire as part of the initial consult with new patients. Experience has proven that nutrition helps adjustments and the body to work better.
Existing patients, especially those patients who are no longer making progress, usually have nutritional issues that are slowing or blocking their progress. These patients are whom you want to approach with an explanation of how nutrition may make the difference and the use of the Systems Survey questionnaire.

Getting Started

Making Standard Process products and product brochures visible to your patients is a good way to get your patients used to the idea that your office offers nutrition. Training the front office staff to handle patient inquiries is part of the process. For instance, “Yes, we can help you with your allergies, but we also have tools to address the needs of the whole body and the underlying causes. The doctor can explain our approach to you.”

Patients you know well or who have lots of issues are always candidates for recommending the Systems Survey.

The idea is to jump right in and get started offering the Systems Survey. It’s a great, time proven tool that will benefit your patients immediately. You don’t need to be an expert on Standard Process products to use the Systems Survey. With the Systems Survey Maestro software, you have the benefit of the collected experience and wisdom of the best nutrition minds offering their advice on your behalf to your patients. Once you begin to see results, you will realize what a great service you are providing your patients. You are not selling or pushing anything; you are providing a valuable way for your patients to regain their health as a compliment to the other service(s) that you provide.

Many, many patients are dosing themselves in a hit or miss fashion already with less than optimal products with limited results. They’re already spending the money. Money is not the issue. Why not provide targeted whole food nutrition to these patients to nourish the underlying systems of the body and let the body do its job? The results will speak for themselves – you and your patients will be happier and healthier as a result.

Follow-Up Is Key

Once the areas of needed support are fed, patients will begin to see results. After a set period of time, usually 60 days, have the patients re-take the Systems Survey as a way of monitoring their progress. Celebrate the changes, but note that other nagging issues may then arise. Offer the body and its systems the nutritional support they need and monitor the progress in the same way in an ongoing basis. This helps you and your patients realize that nutrition is a long term but worthwhile process.

As an adjunct to your work with your patients in supplying their underlying nutrition through selected supplementation, you will also do your patients a great service by providing them with appropriate diet and lifestyle recommendations. Most patients are eating the Standard American (SAD) diet and need to be pointed in the right direction for optimal health.

Another note: as you become more familiar with the products and the Systems Survey Maestro, you will as a clinician become more comfortable making additional recommendations to suit a patient’s individual concerns that may not be specifically addressed by the nutritional recommendations offered by the Systems Survey. That’s where your clinical judgment enters into the picture. You may always add additional product(s) that you feel is indicated by the clinical picture.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Systems Survey Maestro recommendations be combined with other protocols?
A: Yes, you may use the Systems Survey Maestro method of evaluating nutritional needs of the systems of the body by itself, or you may use a combination of one or more assessment tools to help you arrive at the best possible nutritional recommendations for your patient. The goal remains the same – to feel the systems of the body.

Q: Why do the initial recommendations offered by Systems Survey Maestro, for patients not already using Standard Process products, appear to be very similar from patient to patient?
A: While it is an accurate observation that there are a lot of similarities between the recommendations given for patients new to proper nutrition, they are actually not exactly the same. Nevertheless, given the realities of the diets of most people today, it should come as no surprise that nearly everyone comes in with similar complaints, similar system weaknesses, and similar nutritional needs. As an example, chiropractors undoubtedly observe in their own modality that many of their patients come in with similar complaints – low back pain, stiff joints, limited mobility, etc. and need similar adjustments to address these similar concerns. Regular follow-up surveys will quickly get the patient past these “all too common” complaints and then the real healing begins.

Go forth and help your patients enjoy better health and well-being!

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