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How to Network Systems Survey Maestro

Networking allows you to share a single copy of Systems Survey Maestro so that all your PC's see the same patients and surveys. It also allows you to maintain patients and surveys, and print reports from any number of PC's in your building - all at the same time.

Networking is becoming very common as more offices install network cabling, especially to share internet access. Networking Systems Survey Maestro is a simple and quick process - but almost always requires that you call in your networking expert.

If you are not comfortable following these instructions or are concerned that you might make a mistake, then print off these instructions and hand them over to your IT support person. It should take them less than an hour to complete this task.

You can network Systems Survey Maestro at any time, even if you have been using Systems Survey Maestro on a single PC for years. Keep these instructions for a later time.

On your Server (any networked PC will do)...

  1. Install Systems Survey Maestro to a specific location (not the default location). Click <here> to download the latest version.

    When you get to the installation screen that asks for the Destination Folder...

  2. Click on the Change button and select the C: drive (or any other shared drive letter on your server, i.e. D drive).

  3. On this drive, create a new folder and type in "Greene Software"

  4. Select (double click) this folder for installation and click OK

  5. If you are moving or transferring your old data over to this server, then follow the directions in our Frequently Asked Questions now by clicking <here>.

  6. Share this folder so that workstations on the network can see it.

  7. Set the permissions so that all users have Full Control to this folder and all sub-folders.

On each PC you want to use Systems Survey Maestro (workstations)...

  1. Find this new share on your network

  2. Map this as a drive letter

  3. Choose any available drive letter (i.e. drive G)

  4. Create a new shortcut on your desktop to the SSM.EXE program in this new share

  5. Start Systems Survey Maestro.

    You should now see all the same patient and survey information that you saw on the server.

Note: If you copied or moved your old data from another workstation, you should uninstall Systems Survey Maestro from your old PC so that you don't accidentally use that copy.

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