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Incorporating Nutrition Into Your Practice Using Maestro

Incorporating nutrition into your practice doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Follow these four steps and you’ll find out for yourself how straightforward it can be using Systems Survey Maestro™.

1. Test yourself using Maestro

When you test yourself and your staff using Maestro, your confidence grows. And the Standard Process whole food supplements suggested by the system could help you and your staff to feel healthier, which in turn makes it easier to share this information and talk with your patients about nutrition.

2. Incorporate Maestro as part of your new patient protocols

By incorporating Maestro™ into your new patient process, you quickly set the tone for the role nutrition plays in your practice.

3. Make sure Maestro is offered throughout your clinic’s communications efforts

Download our FREE Office Counter Display for use in your office, but also consider suggesting a Nutrition Assessment on your e-newsletter or on the write on/wipe off boards you may already have. The more you let your patients know Maestro™ is available, the more likely they are to ask about a nutritional assessment.

4. Look for the ‘signs’ from patients that are asking for nutritional help

We understand that you don’t want to be seen as a ‘used-car salesperson’, but your patients often give signs or indications that they are ready to discuss nutrition. It’s how you read and react to those signs that will allow you to help many more patients. Think about it, any patient that is overweight, fatigued, suffering from insomnia, diabetic, or struggling with digestive problems is trying to communicate that they would like nutritional advice.

Next time that happens, simply ask your patient, “Mrs. Smith, since you seem concerned about your [fill in], would you be interested in a nutritional assessment of your body’s systems so we can see what suggestions we could offer to address your [fill in]?”

Consider how easy this four-step process can make introducing nutrition into your practice. Using Maestro and this process allows you to engage and educate your patients, empowering you and your clinic to help more people than ever before.

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